Everyday Ballet is real ballet designed for real people.


Everyday Ballet (EDB) is accessible, authentic classical ballet training — without anxiety or intimidation. Uniquely designed sequences of ballet movements sculpt, strengthen and elongate the entire body. It’s an inspiring workout that will make you look and feel gorgeous!


EDB classes address all levels of dance experience. Each session includes core strengthening, ballet barre exercises, stretching, and free-standing exercises. Movements can be modified up or down to accommodate individual needs.


Ballerina Body

Teaches ballet technique in a uniquely holistic, accessible yet challenging way! Appropriate for ALL LEVELS – no experience needed! (But if you have some, that’s fabulous, too!). Sequences emphasize posture, core strength, and proper body mechanics.

ATTIRE: Wear comfortable exercise clothes and regular socks, or ballet slippers if you prefer.

Ballerina Body Intense

Introduces more speed, endurance, & complexity for those with significant ballet experience & those proficient with Ballerina Body. Exercises move fluidly between sides at the barre with turning & traveling steps added to center practice.

ATTIRE: Ballet slippers required.

Prima Ballerina

Offers the fullest expression of athleticism & artistry! Classes develop speed, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, & technical clarity with sequences that emphasize movement quality. For Advanced Dancers. Invitation & private instruction only.

ATTIRE: Ballet slippers required.


EDB helps you stand straighter, think more clearly, and accept and appreciate your individual beauty. At the same time, EDB offers the opportunity to inhabit your “inner ballerina/danseur” while experiencing one of the most respected and elegant dance forms in all of human history.

EDB promotes health and wellness by developing:

Strength & tone

Physical & mental confidence

Core awareness


Ballet is an art of joy and a sustainable life practice that enriches the body, mind, and spirit. Ballet is an instrument of possibility and inspiration for everyone. Both inside and outside the studio, EDB is a way of being—joyful, strong, and full of possibility! It is our great pleasure and deep commitment to offer EDB as an opportunity for both physical and personal development.

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