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Learn the principles & exercises that create an authentic Ballerina Body with expertly crafted ballet lessons that let you train like a ballerina anytime, anywhere.

Ballerina Basics

Classical Ballet Training Designed for YOU


Holistic ballet training with workouts for:

  • – Stream on any device
  • – Step-by-step instruction
  • – Easy follow-along format
  • – Customizable workouts
  • – Detailed training guides
  • – New videos each month

PLUS expert cues & insights from a professional ballerina!

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Moving well is an important part of being well. Whether you’re 19 or 90, Ballet Training develops:

  • TONE
  • JOY!


Beyond the physical benefits, Ballerina Basics promotes



I don’t have prior ballet training. Can I do Ballerina Basics?

YES! Ballerina Basics teaches you everything you need to know to start doing ballet!

What do I wear?

Wear comfy exercise clothes and regular socks, or ballet slippers if you like.

What if I don’t have a dancer’s body?

No worries! Everyday Ballet’s body-positive training method is designed for every body. You don’t have to be any particular size or shape and you don’t need to be flexible or coordinated. Ballerina Basics teaches you everything you need to know.

Do I need a ballet barre or other special equipment?

You do not need a ballet barre. Just use the back of a stable chair or a countertop for balance. The exercises from Ballerina Basics are standing sequences that do not require any other special equipment.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

No problem. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the MY ACCOUNT tab and selecting “Ballerina Basics Support.” Complete the form with the message line “Cancel my subscription”. When you cancel, you have access to your account through the remainder of your current billing cycle and your credit card will not be charged thereafter.

What do I get with my subscription?

Your subscription includes streaming video workouts and tutorials that teach the fundamentals of ballet technique. BARRE, ARMS, and CARDIO workouts offer exercises with introductory training tips on how to develop good form and achieve best results. EXPRESS videos combine sequences without introductions for a super streamlined and effective 30-minute workout. A selection of video tutorials offer more in-depth instruction on specific topics along with practice exercises.  

Each month more videos are added to advance your training and skill level. You’ll also receive detailed BALLET TRAINING GUIDES that provide workout suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

Is Ballerina Basics like taking a barre class?

No, but Ballet is the original (and best!) barre workout. Ballerina Basics is authentic ballet training. Other than a hand on the barre, there are no weights or other props. A couple of barre moves may look like ballet, but the similarity is just the barre itself. Ballet technique works posture, core, and extension to lengthen and refine muscles and develop physical grace and elegance.

I used to dance. Is Ballerina Basics advanced enough for me?

Ballerina Basics is intended for adult beginners but addresses all levels. Even if you have prior training, you’ll get expert tips for better technique, as well as a challenging workout.

Is ballet a good workout?

Ballet is the ultimate workout for people who want to refine their bodies. The more correctly you do the technique, the more intense it becomes and the more you will see results. Ballet also works smaller muscles many workouts leave out. Ballerina Basics unique combination of posture, core control, and fluid extensions develops the signature length, tone, and elegance of a true Ballerina Body.

Ballerina Basics

Classical Ballet Training Designed Especially for Adults.

Streams on any device
Detailed guidance
Beautiful & effective exercises
Expert cues & insights
New videos each month
Simple but challenging sequences


Become an Everyday Ballerina!

Only $14.95 per Month!