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October 18th is officially "WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY"
We want to gift you a meno-PAUSE!
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 To all my sisters in menopause, 
Let's face it. Menopause is challenging.
And it’s so easy to be hard on ourselves and our bodies for not performing as we think they should.

But in this time of flux and frustration, what if there was an opportunity for forging a kinder, more powerful relationship to our bodies than ever before?
To celebrate World Menopause Day, I’ve developed my very own “Meno-Pledge” to help me remember to give myself some grace… And I invite all my sisters in menopause (and anyone else who could use a positive ‘Pause’) to take a Meno-Pause and do the Meno-Pledge with me:
Take the Meno-Pledge for a positive 'Pause'
Everyday Ballet offers a safe, accepting space to OWN our menopauses & ourselves with love & laughter!

I specialize in helping people reclaim joy in their bodies and hearts through ballet!

Take a Meno-pause to do something wonderful and kind for yourself!

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