“Originally I joined the ballet class to get in shape – my baby was just 3 months old at the time. It definitely helped me get fit faster, but I also became stronger, got the posture with which came confidence and this uplifting feeling I can’t describe. And Tiekka is a really wonderful teacher – inspiring, patient, knowledgable and kind. Anybody can benefit from this class. Absolutely no previous experience is necessary and it’s so much more fun than just running on a treadmill in a local gym.” – JULIA


“EDB has helped me discover my deep strength, with grace and femininity. The class is so much fun that I forget how intensely I’ve worked – muscles I never knew I had are stronger and toned. I leave every class with a big smile on my face, feeling strong, healthy, and beautiful. I  am a newcomer to ballet and I highly recommend this class to women of all ages and abilities!” – ANJLI


“I call my EDB classes my workout and therapy in one. I come out of the classes feeling elongated, all my muscles worked, but I also feel taller mentally, because the physical expression that we work on in the classes ends up being an artistic expression as well. Though not a dancer, I am led to inhabit the space as a dancer would, to feel the resonance of the movement. The beautiful and vivid metaphors that Tiekka uses in her teaching stay with me, and I find myself recalling them outside of class, finding my more graceful, taller self even away from the barre. For this I am incredibly grateful.” – ALEXANDRA


“Everyday Ballet…like anything in life one must walk the walk to truly appreciate any practice. I am just so inspired and thrilled that on my road to fitness I have Tiekka Tellier of Everyday Ballet by my side. Her energy is positive and constructive. Her passion is infectious. Her precision and exactitude motivates progress. Her flawless dancer’s physique is a shiny example of her craft. For someone like myself who over indulged while pregnant and post delivery, I’ll take the best my body can offer. In the past, I’ve worked out with gifted trainers in NYC who have helped me lose 4-5 dress sizes and she’s really the best.”

“About walking the walk of fitness, the biggest surprise to someone like myself, who for the past 20 years has trained at Gleason’s Gym for boxing, personal training with olympic fencer Jana Angelakis, Lotte Berk, Bikram yoga, Equinox, Crunch Fitness, NY Sports Club, rock climbing, skiing, tennis, etc, ballet is really the only activity that channels fitness through beauty and not brute force. Don’t underestimate the strength it requires and the power it builds! It transforms your entire carriage. The idea is unique and offers an incredible edge in a type A town like Manhattan. The discipline and self awareness that the practice promotes permeates an intellectual space that I had not expected. Mostly I’m enjoying the benefits of a stronger core that makes picking up my child effortless which was a bit of challenge even years after delivery. Strength in body definitely builds confidence of mind. When one is in the moment, in class,  communing with the music and the ballet movement, all is right with the world. It’s intoxicating and a great way to tackle the day. This is definitely part of my arsenal to stay younger as I stare into the threshold of my fifties. I recommend this superb fitness regime for all ages because beauty exists in every age.” – KAREN