About Everyday Ballet

Classical ballet training designed for the Ballerina in YOU.

The Practice

We know that moving well is an important part of being well. That’s why our classes, videos, & online training offer holistic, body-positive ballet training that inspires the senses while sculpting, strengthening, & elongating the entire body. And you don’t need any special clothing, equipment, or experience to do it! We invite you to make a deep mind-body connection through the beauty and power of Ballet.

Who We Are

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Tiekka Tellier

Ballerina, Founder, Instructor

“Ballet is something you do that becomes something you are.”

During her sixteen years in professional ballet, Tiekka danced starring roles on the world’s great stages, first as a Principal Dancer with Houston Ballet and later as an International Guest Artist.

As a ballerina, Tiekka’s international recognition includes medals at both the Prix de Lausanne and USA International Ballet Competition. She has graced the cover of Dance Magazine and is also a recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation Award in dance.

As an instructor, Tiekka has over 35 years of experience teaching ballet at all levels. Her teaching style draws from her belief that ballet is an instrument of possibility and empowerment for every body. In addition to ballet expertise, Tiekka’s pilates, yoga, and dance rehabilitation experience informs her holistic, body-positive approach to ballet technique.

Beyond the ballet studio, Tiekka holds a B.A. in Art History from Columbia University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and Salutatorian in 2013.

Tiekka founded Everyday Ballet in 2015 and has since focused her lifelong passion and expertise into making the transformative beauty and power of authentic classical ballet training accessible to all.

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Kara Cooper


“Dancing transports your mind and body together to a higher level, molding muscles as well as inner poise. ”

Kara Cooper has been dancing professionally in New York for over 10 years. She began her ballet training in Baltimore and went on to major in Ballet Performance at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. After moving to NYC, she continued her studies at the Martha Graham School of Dance.

Kara has a busy ballet career as both a performer and teacher. In addition to instructing for Everyday Ballet, she currently dances with the American Swiss Ballet and performs as a guest artist with Ballet INC. Kara also teaches young dancers at New American Youth Ballet and the Rose Academy of Ballet in Queens.

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Evita Zacharioglou


Ballet is where I feel most at home.

Evita’s ballet experience spans the globe. Raised in Cyprus, Australia, Israel, and Germany, she completed her Royal Academy of Dance examinations in Classical Ballet with distinction. In Cyprus, Evita performed as Soloist with the Lefkosia Youth Ballet and won a Senior Prize scholarship at the Pancyprian Ballet Competition to study dance in London.

In London Evita earned her B.A. in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary University and taught Advanced Ballet and Pointe for Kent University Dance Society.

Since moving to New York, Evita has earned an MFA in Dance at the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts and performed with a diverse group of companies and choreographers.  She currently works with several companies as a choreographer, dancer and rehearsal director.

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Shoshana Mozlin


“Ballet is my grounded connection from breath to body.” 

Shoshana studied dance at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She has danced professionally in New York and Los Angeles with companies including ModArts Dance Collective, Blue13 Dance Company, Pacific Ballet Dance Theater, California Contemporary Ballet, Mary Seidman & Dancers, City Ballet of Los Angeles, GetDown/PickUp, and IsadoraNOW. 

Shoshana has performed with and is training under Jennifer Muller/The Works. She has also appeared as a dancer in the music video for “Threat of Joy” by The Strokes, and commercials for Madden NFL and Keys on Van Nuys. Shoshana feels lucky to be able to share her love of dance through teaching at Everyday Ballet. 



I don’t have prior ballet training. Can I do Everyday Ballet?

YES! Everyday Ballet classes and videos teach everything you need to know to start doing ballet!

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable exercise clothes and regular socks, or ballet slippers if you prefer.

What if I don’t have a dancer’s body?

No worries! Everyday Ballet’s body-positive training method is designed for every body. You don’t have to be any particular size or shape, and you don’t need to be flexible or coordinated. Everyday Ballet teaches you all the how-to’s of basic ballet technique.

Is Everyday Ballet like barre classes?

Not exactly, but Ballet is the original (and best!) barre workout. Everyday Ballet is authentic classical ballet training. Although some barre moves may look like ballet, barre & ballet actually differ significantly. Here are the highlights:

In ballet, the barre is used (lightly) for balance during exercises and not for leveraged weight resistance, hanging, or pulling.

There are no props in ballet. Instead, you learn to use gravity and muscular resistance to strengthen & lengthen.

Sequences emphasize extension (as opposed to the small contractions in barre classes), full range motion, posture, and core control to develop long, lean muscles and elegant carriage.

I used to dance. Is Everyday Ballet challenging enough for me?

Everyday Ballet addresses all levels of dance experience, so even if you have prior training, you’ll get expert tips for better technique, as well as a challenging workout.

Is ballet a good workout?

Ballet is the ultimate workout for people who want to refine their bodies. The level of physical challenge depends on proper form. The more correctly you do ballet technique, the more intense it becomes and the better your results will be. Ballet also works smaller muscles many workouts leave out. Through movements that combine posture, core control, and fluid extensions, ballet  develops the signature length, tone, and elegance of an authentic “Ballerina Body”.

What if I’m older? Can I still do Everyday Ballet?

Wonderful! You don’t have to be young to enjoy ballet training. In fact, ballet can be excellent for older students because the technique addresses posture, flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. The Everyday Ballet method is generally low-impact, with standing exercises that are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Jumping sequences are short and can easily be modified or left out as needed. As well, ballet’s emphasis on posture and alignment can prove helpful for those with back or knee trouble. But as always, it’s important to exercise within your limits and consult with your doctor to determine the range of activities that are safe and healthful for you.