There’s something magical about it… I feel my body being contoured; my core is really working… Things I didn’t think my body could do, all of a sudden it’s doing.


Tiekka has a beautiful way of making ballet technique accessible to any dancer at any level. The words and imagery she uses inspire me. I feel beautiful and larger than myself.


Everyday Ballet, brings forth an ‘I can do it’ confidence with a grace I never thought I could have. My posture has improved tremendously. My body is developing nice lean lines, and my tush has gotten cuter–so that’s always a plus! 


I never thought I’d take ballet again. Now I walk out feeling tall & confident.


Amazing class. I wish I had found Everyday Ballet sooner and I wish Tiekka had taught me ballet when I was a child as she’s amazing! The best workout for mind and body!


Tiekka is a really wonderful teacher – inspiring, patient, knowledgeable and kind. Anybody can benefit from this class. Absolutely no previous experience is necessary and it’s so much more fun than just going to the gym.


Everyday Ballet has helped me discover my deep strength, with grace and femininity. The class is so much fun that I forget how intensely I’ve worked – muscles I never knew I had are stronger and toned. I leave class with a big smile on my face, feeling strong, healthy, and beautiful. I  am a newcomer to ballet and I highly recommend this class to women of all ages and abilities!


I walk out feeling fantastic and ready for my day. Everyday Ballet has given me back a part of myself that was lost for 30 years. I am performing in my body for myself, and it is extraordinarily satisfying.


I come in feeling like I had a rough day. I listen to the music. I open up and stand straight–the day just melts away. I leave feeling lighter. There’s no judgment. You’re being encouraged to grow.


I call my EDB classes my workout and therapy in one. I come out of class feeling elongated, all my muscles worked, but I also feel taller mentally, because the physical expression that we work on ends up being an artistic expression as well. The beautiful and vivid metaphors Tiekka uses in her teaching stay with me, and I find myself recalling them outside of class, finding my more graceful, taller self even away from the barre.


I am just so inspired and thrilled that on my road to fitness I have Tiekka Tellier of Everyday Ballet by my side. Her energy is positive and constructive. Her passion is infectious. Her flawless dancer’s physique is a shiny example of her craft… (Everyday Ballet) channels fitness through beauty and not brute force. Don’t underestimate the strength it requires and the power it builds! It transforms your entire carriage.


It’s more than a class. I feel like I’m onstage and lifted out of my everyday life.


Tiekka has a wonderful approach that makes ballet technique accessible and enjoyable even for complete beginners.


So much more enjoyable than barre. This is the real deal. The music is beautiful. Go.


Excellent class! As a former ballerina, this was a great class that taught proper technique and also was a great workout. HIGHLY recommend!


Challenging but calming as well. Amazing music. Love it! Tiekka is exceptional and her love of ballet is inspiring and motivating.


This class is fantastic — it’s the perfect balance of ballet technique and artistry, and is an excellent workout!


I love this class! It makes me feel strong and joyful. Highly recommended!


Amazing class for beginners. I’d never done ballet and the instructor couldn’t have been nicer. Got a great workout as well!


A very special class with a very special teacher! Accessible, warm, kind, knowledgeable. Challenging but with valuable, clear instructions that will stay with you in all sorts of movement, including just walking around on the street!


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