Cancellation Policy

Everyday Ballet Online

Membership Cancellation Policy

You are responsible for cancelling your account.

Everyday Ballet Online (formerly "Ballerina Body") is a membership. Your order will be charged every month or every year as indicated at checkout until you cancel.

You may cancel your account at any time by visiting our Cancellation Page.

If you need assistance cancelling your membership, please Contact Us. Please note that we handle support requests during the business hours as outlined on our Member Support page. We do our best to respond within 24 hours or the next business day. We are not responsible for last minute requests or those that occur outside of business hours (weekend requests). 

Cancellations apply to future charges.

Cancellation cannot be applied retroactively. There are no refunds once an order is charged. In the event of cancellation, accounts in good standing will retain member access until the end of the billing cycle.

Your cancellation email address must match th email address of your Member Account.

Entering an email address other than the one associated with your paid member account on the Cancellation Form will NOT cancel your membership. The email address you use to cancel must match the one associated with your member account. If you are having trouble locating your member email address, please Contact Us.

You will receive a Cancellation Confirmation email when you cancel.

Be sure to check your spam folder. If you cannot locate the Cancellation Confirmation email, re-submit the Cancellation Form being sure to use the email address associated with your member account. The Cancellation Confirmation email must match the email address of your member account in order to be valid. If you are having trouble locating your member email address or need assistance, please Contact Us.

Cancellations cannot be reversed.

To regain member access after cancellation, you will need to re-subscribe  at current pricing.

It is your responsibility to submit correct information. Everyday Ballet is not responsible for improperly submitted cancellations.

Please Contact Us if you require assistance or have questions.