On Demand Classes

Enjoy gorgeous ballet training at your fingertips! Choose the workout you want when you want it with no commitments.

Video purchase available where indicated. Click on videos for more info.


Absolute Beginner

Workouts with step-by-step guidance for those new or returning to ballet.


Follow these 10 lessons to learn the basics of Ballet. No experience or equipment necessary! Just wear socks and use a chair or counter as a barre. Let Tiekka guide you step-by-step through the fundamentals of Ballet with simple & effective follow-along sequences. 11 videos in all.

All Levels

Guided workouts with simple but challenging exercises for dancers of all ages & abilities.

*Absolute Beginners should begin with Absolute Beginner classes or Ballerina Basics before progressing to these classes.


Perfect for warmup & everyday conditioning.


Express Workouts

Streamlined workouts without training instructions for more intensity. Appropriate for those already familiar with our Ballet Body classes.



More speed & skills for those looking to advance their ballet training.



Guided choreography designed for home spaces. Includes complete dance with step-by-step instructions.